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How to Digitize Asset-Backed Securities Using Blockchain Technology


Learn about how innovations in custody solutions, blockchain-based payment options, and secondary markets are making the promise of digitized securities a reality.


Apr 4 - Read the Article

Ten Steps to Create a Security Token


By tokenizing previously illiquid assets, institutions are gaining access to new sources of capital. To learn how Security Token Offerings and blockchain-enabled smart contracts are transforming and improving traditional securitization, read our guide.



Mar 10 - Read the Article

Is Malaysia the next major Crypto market?


Malaysia is going to be a well-regulated crypto market soon.

Due to the uncertainty that has arisen with regard to cryptocurrency in the past few weeks, the Malaysian Securities Commission has clarified on certain positions it holds regarding digital assets.


Feb 7 - Read the Article

Personal Data Protection: Malaysia’s Pursuit for Digital Sovereignty


The right to data protection is a fundamental right that is constituted by over 100 countries around the world. Data protection is inextricably associated with the fundamental right of privacy which in itself makes it unequivocally clear that personal information pertinent to any individual just cannot be up for grabs.


Sep 19 - Read the Article

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