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Is Malaysia the next major Crypto market?


Malaysia is going to be a well-regulated crypto market soon.


Due to the uncertainty that has arisen with regard to cryptocurrency in the past few weeks, the Malaysian Securities Commission has clarified on certain positions it holds regarding digital assets.


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Malaysia Incentivizes its Palm Oil Industry with Blockchain


Malaysia has been using Blockchain Technology in three of the country’s largest industries today, namely Renewable Energy, Palm Oil Industry, and the Islamic Banking Sector.



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How secure is blockchain-based technology


Malaysia is going to be a well-regulated crypto market soon.

It is never prudent to underestimate the ability of a hacker. One hacker or a small group of hackers can shut down an entire system, lure the unwary into cyber traps, steal millions worth in data and even topple down governments by leaking classified information online.


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Is it safe to keep blockchain a closed application?


Our earlier blogs detailed out Dubai’s interest in Blockchain technology, the three pillars of blockchain implementation, and an understanding of blockchain model – today we intend to dig deeper into the types of blockchain.


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