Tailor-made solutions to your specifications.

Instant Liquidity, Scalable Technology, Expert Developer:

• Institutional-grade core exchange module.


• Legally robust trading blockchain solution that uses KYC- and AML- compliant modules.


• Powered by Finex™ Order Matching System which allows you to perform 20 Million transactions per second.


• No technical knowledge required, all you need to do is promote your own Exchange.

Take advantage of the global market with a trusted and experienced partner,

Our exchange solution provides a turnkey, all-in-one solution:

• Advanced security solutions like SSL implementation, two factor authentication like E-mail authentication and.


• Google authentication for additional login security, encrypted user access, and automatic limits for fund withdrawal.


• Our solution provides multi-language support to increase the global reach of your exchange. The system’s UI provides the best UX for left to right and right to left languages like Arabic.


• A smart contract based escrow system enables secure exchange of assets between buyers and sellers.


• Resilient architecture supports around the clock trading.

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Regulated Digital Asset Exchange

Tailor-made solutions to your specifications.

Take advantage of the global market with a trusted and experienced partner,

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