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Security Tokens

Issue asset backed security token offerings under the newly minted DATO regulations.

Increase Liquidity.

Access New Capital.

Deploy Rapidly.

Blockchain-based asset digitization technology from SPEZA provides clients:

● The ability to create security tokens, cryptocurrencies, or other digital assets


● The technology required to access new sources of capital for previously illiquid assets, such as commodities, real estate, luxury goods, and private company shares


● A platform specifically designed to enable rapid deployment of smart contracts and token issuance.


● The security of a platform that has been battle-tested across 35+ countries

Unlock the Value of Illiquid Assets.

A secure, scalable, streamlined solution for issuing blockchain-based digital assets and launching markets:

● Easy-to-use, browser-based workflow


● Customizable, white label front end


● Decreased operational costs and transactional friction


● Configurable issuer dashboard to manage multiple instances


● Ecosystem of integrations for KYC and AML accredited investor checks


● Enterprise-grade security

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Security Tokens

Increase Liquidity.

Access New Capital.

Deploy Rapidly.

Unlock the Value of

Illiquid Assets.

Stay Connected